Let's start with the gown, shall we?

I googled until my fingers bled, and the results were dismal...
(do you like how I put bouquet's over their faces?  Ha!)

My Google search for "mature bride" instantly came up with these results.  No offense if one of these lovely brides happens to run across this blog (as if!) but HELL NO. I'd rather wear sweats than show up wearing a veil, and let me say this about strapless. GO AWAY!  Unless you're under 25 years old and a size 2, they look terribly uncomfortable and can be too revealing.  I've watched too many a brides tug on her gown all evening to keep it in place to be a fan of this look.

I googled "older bride" and "50 year old bride" and came up with these - and not a whole lot else.  There are some stock images out there, but I'm looking for real brides.  I hope they loved how they looked for their wedding days, but honestly - there is zero inspiration here for what I want.

Is that C. Everett Koop?  Yikes!

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